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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 30, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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renter's insurance and lost everything. >> you live there, and you been through it, christine romans and we will talk more about that. amazing. thank you, christine. thank you, everyone, for watching. suzanne malveaux is going to take the baton now with newsroom. thank you for watching. i'm suzanne malveaux and this is c"cnn newsroom" and thi is what we are working on right now. tropical storm isaac creeping across the gulf and we are hearing amazing stories of survival. and in a country where foreign media is banned, we will get a look at inside of syria of the violence. and the republican candidates came out swinging. -- captions by vitac -- paul ryan gets the republicans revved up and setting the stage for mitt romney tonight. the vp nominee fired up the crowd and this is the speech from the republican national convention last night and aggressive attack on president obama. >> these past four years, we
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have suffered no shortage of words in the white house. what is missing is leadership in the white house. i want to bring in democratic strategist and cnn political contributor donna brazile, and i know you saw that and we were watching and you got a sense of what it was like to listen and get the reaction of the democrats and the republicans and a lot of red meat thrown out there, and i want you to take a listen to the segment. >> these past four years, we have suffered no shortage of words in the white house. what is missing is leadership in the white house. 23 million people unemploy ed o underemployed. nearly 1 in 6 americans is in
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poverty. millions of americans have graduated from college in the obama presidency and ready to use their gifts and get moving in life, and half of them can't find the work they studied for or any work at all. so here's the question, without a change in leadership, why would the next four years be any different than the last four years? >> donna, let's talk a little bit about this night, because really, this is the kind of energy that republicans had been asking for and that they sorely were lacking before you had this kind of speech. how does the president, and how does joe biden and how do they counter the kind of energy and the excitement out there that you are seeing, really a reinvigorated party now from the republican side? >> well, as you know, suzanne, it has taken them three days to fire it up, and they have fired it up of course with paul ryan.
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paul ryan was not only a passionate defender of mitt romney, mitt romney's economic policies, but i also believe that at least he achieved one other goal. he put out a litany of misleading statements about president obama. and president obama's leadership. there is a reason why the congress approval rating is very dismal right now and part of that is because the american people are dissatisfied with all of these just partisan sound bites but no results. paul ryan as a member of congress has helped to contribute more than $6 trillion to the federal deficit, and that is a lot of money, because he rubber stamped the failed economic policies of the previous administration and what paul ryan did not talk about is his own plans and budget and he fired up the base and they wanted tabasco, and they got tabasco. >> we know tabasco very well-being from new orleans,
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both of us. and we know that the dnc is holding the counter press conference there in tampa to address some of the misstatements that you talked about and we will do that later in the hour and do a fact check on some of ryan's statements there, but the bottom line is that he was emotional and able to get people excited. that is something that in the group that president obama is really counting on the college students and counting on the young folks just like he did four years ago and how does he counter what ryan is bringing to the table, the gen-x credentials? >> and you know generation x is exactly what generation y wants, good economy and shared prosperity and they want to be able to go to college and be able to retire. and let me tell you what paul ryan didn't talk about last night was his plans to, as you know, turn medicare into a voucher system is, and he didn't talk about the cuts he wants to make in the pell grants, and look, president obama, and vice president biden next week will not only fire up and energize the democrats, but he will talk
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to the swing voters and the independents and i believe they will talk to some of the republicans who are also tired of just raw red meat. they want solutions and not sound bites. >> all right. for somebody we both know fairly well, condoleezza rice, the former secretary of state, really when she spoke, she got a standing ovation a number of times here, and my twitter blew up, because i was asking folks, what do you think about what kind of impact she is having here, and we saw a condoleezza rice i have not seen before really when it comes to public speaking and the energy and the excitement that she provided for the republican party, and i want to play a little bit of the sound here, and this is about her background growing up in the segregated south. >> and on a personal note -- [ applause ] -- and on a personal note, a little girl grows up in birm
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birmingham, the segregated city of the south where her parents can't take her to a movie theater or tor a restaurant, bu they have her absolutely convinced that if she cannot have a hamburger at the woolsworth counter, she can become president of the united states or secretary of state. >> and this is a robust debate of whether or not she would have been better for romney than ryan for vp pick and whether or not she has strength and power here to pull some of the moderates and pull some black voters as well. this is something that a lot of people think that could be a possibility here. >> you know, if condoleezza rice was on this ticket, perhaps some people would take a second look at mitt romney. unfortunately, she is not on the ticket or i should say fortunately she is not on the ticket. she is a woman of ours and a personal friend of mine, and i have enormous respect for her and i disagree that the
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president is leading from behind, because he has restored america's great innocence the world and re-established our relations with the allies and kept the country strong and secure and al qaeda is on the run, and bin laden is dead, and we are winding out the operations safely and orderly out of afghanistan and back to condoleezza rice. she is of integrity and courage and she has broken another barrier and getting on the augusta board, but she fired up the base as well, suzanne. i am proud of her and glad to see her last night, but i'm not voting for condoleezza rice. i'm voting for barack obama. >> you are close, but on opposite sides when it comes to this one and i know you share gumbo dinners are the time to time. >> yes sglflt. >> i don't want to let you go without seriously asking you about your family in new orleans and louisiana and in light of hurricane isaac. >> well, i know that many of
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them will not be able to see me right now, because the power has not been restored, but i'm indeed grateful for all of the prayers, and i know i speak for james carville and so many of my other kin folks down in louisiana. isaac was a two-eyed storm with a lot of the torrential downpours and wind damage of course and the people are waking up now to figure out if they can go back home and some people are still displaced because of the tropical storm and i call it a two-eyed monster, because it stayed in the gulf as you know hours, days. soaking up all of the wonderful, wonderful warm gulf water, and then spun around trying to get all four seasons in louisiana, crab, shrimp, shell fish and oysters and it is now on another destructive wake and we pray for everybody to listen to the local officials and heed the calls and be very, very careful, but i want to do a special shoutout not only to the governor bobby
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jindal, and special shoutout for his tremendous leadership to of course mayor mitch landrieu, and the entire team there. the parish officials, plaquemines, st. bernard, jefferson, st. john and baton rouge, and ascension and you know i love all of the parishes and listened to the news and the people have to go home and be restored and we will help them once again rebuild and recover. >> all right. d donna, thank you. we have to leave it there, and praise to two republicans you gave to governor jindal, and condi rice, and we have to let it go there. >> i am on red. i am bipartisan today. isaac is still dumping rain on louisiana and some areas have floodwaters rising higher today. and some authorities are confirming that the first u.s. fatality from the storm saying that a tow truck driver was hit by a fall iing tree.
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meanwhile, several residents around new orleans have been warm warned to get out. evacuations are under way and search teams are using helicopters and boats and high water trucks and pulled more than 3,000 people stranded to safety and now the national guard troops are going house-to-house in st. john and plaquemines parishes to make shure that no storm victims hav been left behind. the rising flood waters caught people off guard and many of those rescued said they didn't believe that the category 1 hurricane would be this bad. w i want to bring in martin savidge in new orleans and talk about the search and rescue operations under way in the areas around new orleans after coming from the storm. still a lot of folks who are stranded. >> yes, there are, suzanne. it has been a busy 24 hours for the emergency rescue personnel whether they be on the te federal level or the local level and the operations are continuing as you pointed out. one of the areas that was affected es pepecially yesterda afternoon into last night, and that is to the northwest of new orleans, la paz, and that is a
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community inundated with water coming from the flood water coming from the lake pontchartrain, and water coming from the tropical storm or at that time hurricane isaac. it is the coast guard had to go in with the helicopters to literally pluck the people out of the floodwaters and in some cases families with the animals and i point that out because some people won't leave without them. that is the situation, and this is how people responded to being saved. >> i think that he had a harder time, because he had the bigger dog which i'm sure -- >> and it gives you a more of a appreciation for what these guys do, i can tell you that. >> yes. >> they are god. god in a helicopters. >> top notch. >> yes. >> and i have seen the helicopters and they are a lifesaver when you are in trouble and they are hovering overhead. but this is an area that is still under the gun as far as the floodwater, but that is not the only place. the north shore of pontchartrain
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near in slidell area, and water cannot drain away from the lake and also the fact that the wind blowing very strongly from the south is pushing that water up against the north shore, and again, you have down in plaquemines parish, water trapped in between the levees down there. there are a number of communities that are urging people even though they are after of the storm, they have to move, because the floodwaters are only going the rise. suzanne. >> and martin, tell us where you are at the 17th street canal where the gates are pumping water and how are they doing? >> they are doing very well, and at the peak 42 of all of the pumps, essentially, they had them going full crank and they did well. what it is designed to do here is to take the water from the canal and pump it into lake pontchartrain and that is what is accepting the water, and there are a number of pumping stations like this post katrina, and authorities are very pleased
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and the floodwalls held up again, but it is a category 1 storm, and it should have, easily handled it, and it did. >> marty savidge, thank you. it was the biggest speech of his life. paul ryan spent a lot of time last night speaking his about generation. >> i accept the kacalling of my generation in this generation. a generation apart from my mom's generation, for my generation, the founding generation, secure those right s for us and in evey generation since -- >> you get it, generation. we will look at the republicans' chances of winning over the young voters next. ps. the delightful discovery, the mid-sweetening realization that you have the house all to yourself. well, almost. the sweet reward, making a delicious choice that's also a smart choice. splenda no-calorie sweetener. with the original sugar-like taste you love and trust.
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go long. in that time there've been some good days. and some difficult ones. but, through it all, we've persevered, supporting some of the biggest ideas in modern history. so why should our anniversary matter to you? because for 200 years, we've been helping ideas move from ambition to achievement. and the next great idea could be yours. ♪
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try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. college graduates should not have to live out their 20s in the childhood bedrooms. staring at fading obama posters and wondering when they can get going with life. everyone who feels stuck in the obama economy is right to focus on the here and the now. i hope you understand this, too, if you're feeling left out or
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passed by, you have not failed. your leaders have failed you. when i was waiting tables, washing dishes or mowing lawns for money, i never thought of myself as stuck in some station in life. i was on my own path. my own journey, an american journey where i could think for myself and decide for myself and define happiness for myself. that is what we do in this country. that is the american dream. that's freedom, and i will take it any day over the supervision and sangt mimony of the leaders. and there are the songs of the ipod i have heard on the ipod of
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mitt romney, and he urgeded me to playm sop of the songs at campaign rallies, and i said, mitt, i hope it is not a deal-breaker but my play list starts with ac/dc and ends with led zeppelin. >> and he brought the convention crowd to its feet last night. i want to bring in brooke baldwin who was inside of the convention hall and it is amazing to me, because if you go the president obama four years ago he was talking about i have jay-z on my ipod and talking to appeal to the young voters and he was so successful at doing that and went to the college campuses, and that is when you got a sense, okay, maybe the guy has a shot of the presidency and maybe going to win, but people look at paul ryan and they see similarities in the way he is reaching out and people respond
12:19 pm
to this young guy. >> yeah, i mean, you covered the campaign in '08, you know what then senator obama did to try to grab the youth vote and he did and i think that last night and i have been on the floor two nights, but it was paul ryan and that speech and the line of the faded obama posters and the people, youngsters having to live out their 20s in their childhood bedrooms, that line, i will tell you what, it was like a switch flipped inside of this forum behind me. there were young guys in front of me in their 30s and two guys sort of turned to each other and i watched this and they looked to each other and said, wow. clearly the energy was, you know, up and at them inside of the forum, but obviously hoping for the energy to percolate across the country when it comes to the youth vote, because in '08 it was president obama who had it with the millennial vote,
12:20 pm
66% to 32% and certainly no coincidence we have seen president obama on the campaign trail talking to who? college students in swing states this week, and quick ly on the music it got a huge, huge laugh, but i will say this, paul ryan mentioned ac/d krshc and led zen and also raging against the machine, but if you have read the quote from tom morello who is the guitarist, it is your establishment for which we have been raging for the past two decades. >> yes, there is a back and forth of the battle of the music and if the artists are going to weigh in on all of that there. >> right. >> and so give us a sense and we are talking about the young folks who are actually delegates in that crowd or mostly an older gro group? >> hmm. i have to be honest, suzanne, it was a lot of older folks inside of the forum and the younger people were a lot of the staffers perhaps and the youngest is 17, 17-year-old delegate, so i don't know if it is fair for me to say there were many, many young people. it was, a lot older folks in the
12:21 pm
forum. >> how did they respond to him emotionally? because it is one of the things that president obama had a difficult time in the beginning to e momote and show feeling an passion and you had paul ryan and seemed like he was brought to tears when he talked about his mom as a role model and how did people respond to that? >> did you notice that, because i did. he was talking to his mom, and she was sitting right next to the sort of section where janna and the wife and the kids and the romney's son, and he wiped what appeared to be a tear speaking about his mother, and that is precisely what these people in this country want to see. we have talked so much about mitt romney, and there were the new numbers out today of the "usa today" gallup poll numbes s of the one's character and likability and how much that is lacking and america needs to like mitt romney and that is part of the pitch that he needs to roll out tonight in addition to the substance and policy, but it really, the speech last night
12:22 pm
similar to chris christie's speech the night before really touched, just touched people that human characteristic that people so badly want to see, and you know, because you have covered the campaigns and people want a smart and intellectual guy who can fix the problems of the country, but they want to like you. voting is very, very personal and we have to see how mitt romney delivers tonight. >> yes, a big test tonight, and brooke, good to see you, and we will see you later as always. and some fact-checking on the ryan's speech like the comments of president obama's speech and a g.m. plant that later closed. tom foreman is in tampa and a lot of things that we want to go over here, but talk about the specific example that ryan gave talking about a plant that actually closed and who was respon responsible for it. >> yeah, this is, you know, the democrats have been out there laying for ryan and they want to
12:23 pm
go after him, and many republicans believe that president obama's priorities in terms of the economy are all wrong and he is always looking for the government solutions first, instead of encouraging the private sector initiatives and paul ryan rolled out a perfect story along those line hs about the g.m. plant in his ho hometown that barack obama visited as a candidate and the recession was roaring. listen. >> a lot of guys i went to high school with worked at that g.m. plant. right there at that plant, candidate obama said, i believe that if our government is there to support you, this plant will be here for another 100 years. that is what he said in 2008. well, as it turned out, that plant didn't last another year. it is locked up and empty to this day. >> wow. nice tidy little story that sort of drives the republican narrative and break it down. first, did candidate obama say that? yes, he did.
12:24 pm
gm was in tremendous financial trouble and you could argue that such statements were laying the groundwork for the big auto bailouts to come, and bailouts that many republicans still think are a mistake but also credited with saving many thousands of jobs. and now, look at the time line of that plant in ryan's hometown. did it in fact close? yes. the biggest part of the operation operations were shutdown there costing the area about 2,000 jobs by december of 2008, and before mr. obama even took office, so to somehow suggest that he could have or should have stopped it is really absurd, but now, one part of the plant was still operating when president obama took office in january of 2009. but it only had 29 jobs and it, too, was closed by april. if you look at the entire speech by candidate obama, when he visited that plant, he was talking about government help for retraining, retooling and developing new technologies, and these are long-h term things and things that certainly could not
12:25 pm
have happened in a few months after he took the oath. all of this, all of this is complicated by the fact that congressman ryan made a similar statement a couple of weeks ago in which he suggested that candidate obama actually promised he would keep the plant open, and that was absolutely false, but since then, ryan has slightly changed the word sog that if you consider only specifically what he said last night, and what we just listened to, that statement was technically true, but it gets a big capital "i" for incomplete, because it left out critical details that you have to know to understand the true story of what happened with that plant and what the president said about it. it is not at all complete. suzanne. >> all right. a lot of times you get the incomplete statements from both sides when you are months away, just months away from the vote. thank you for checking it all out for us, tom. our prime time coverage of the republican national convention continues tonight with wolf
12:26 pm
blitzer at 7:00 p.m. eastern live. and i will be reporting from the democratic national convention next week from charlotte. and now we will take you to the worst of tropical storm isaac. music: "make someone happy" music: "make someone happy" ♪it's so important to make someone happy.♪ it's so important to make meone happy.♪ ♪make just one someone happy ♪and you will be happy too.
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the full impact of isaac is the far from over. the storm has killed one person
12:29 pm
in the gulf coast and still dumping rain on a lot of parts of louisiana even as it moves inland over a very slow movement of the storm. i want to bring in ed lavandara who is in grand island, louisiana, who took the brunt of all of the hit of isaac, and ed, you and i were talking yesterday and it looks like the rain has passed, but this is a place where people were stranded and had to be plucked out, and what is the situation? were they stranded on this barrier island? >> well, we have been here since late monday, and yeah, this is the home of dean blanchard, a well known shrimper here in grand isle, louisiana, and took us into his house, and we rode out the storm here, and we have -- the center of the storm came through here in grand isle. many of the vast majority of the people did evacuate, and there are only some between 30 and 40
12:30 pm
people who stayed behind, but now the surveying of the damage begins and a lot of it has to do with the storm surge and the water, and not so much from the wind, that has caused the problems here, but we are hearing reports that the main road that brings you into grand isle, louisiana, parts of it has been washed out, so that could hamper the ability of people to get back or to get off of the island like we will be trying to do here shortly. we haven't had a chance to survey that for ourselves, and as soon as we are done here, we will try to get out, and the water levels around the house that we are at have been dropping significantly, and they got up to five or six feet as you look around and we have five to six feet all of the way arou around. >> and where you are at, ed -- >> but cars are finally able to drive around there. >> and sure, absolutely. we are in the middle of the island and we have a good vantage point here from the deck we are on. we are on the second story of dean's home, and we can see the bay side, and this is all of the way back toward the gulf of
12:31 pm
mexico over here. and we can see dozens of homes from the vantage point, and the good news is that there's, we can't see any significant structural damage in terms of the homes collapsing and i'm not trying to minimize the damage that people are coming back to it, but it would be a bigger story if you saw some of the homes collapsed. obvious obviously the homes around here are built on stilts so that the storm surge can pass underneath and retreat back into the gulf and back to the bay. there is significant roof damage in places in some of the homes and also in some of the industrial parts of it, of the island that will need a lot of cleaning up, but the question, now, i think that it is going to become the roadways. as soon as we can get clear answers with what is going on with that, we will pass it along, because if the roadways are bash washed out in parts, there is a concerted effort to repair it so that people can get back. >> yes, and let us know how you managed to get off of that little isle space that you are on right now, and how others are managing it as well.
12:32 pm
thank you, ed. ed lavandara. and tonight, mitt romney's light is on, and what he needs to do to capture the voters. finances anywhere, anytime.o so that wherever your duty takes you, usaa bank goes with you. visit us online to learn what makes our bank so different. the charcoal went out already? [ sighs ] forget it. [ male announcer ] there's more barbeque time in every bag of kingsford charcoal. kingsford. slow down and grill. they're whole grain good... and yummy good. real fruit pieces. 12 grams of whole grains and a creamy yogurt flavored coating. quaker yogurt granola bars. treat yourself good.
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tonight at the republican national convention in tampa, it is mitt romney's chance to sell himself to the voters after paul ryan set the stage. here is paul steinhauser. >> reporter: it is job number one at the republican convention -- >> we need president mitt romney. >> the president america needs is mitt romney. >> president romney, boy i like the sound of that. >> reporter: call it the selling of the gop presidential nominee mitt romney. >> it is filling in the blanks of mitt romney and telling the voters who he is. >> reporter: from highlighting the resume -- >> mitt romney turned businesses around in the private sector. >> reporter: to describing what
12:36 pm
he'd do as president. >> mitt romney will tell us the hard truths that we need to hear to put us back on a path to growth and create good paying and high quality sector jobs in america. >> reporter: and while surveys show that it is a dead heat, most polls also show that romney lacks behind barack obama when it comes to relating to the average voter and even though hayes been running for president on and off six years, most americans don't know mitt romney, the man, and that is where his wife, ann romney comes in. >> i know this good and decent man for who he is. he is warm and loving and patient. >> reporter: and now it is her husband's chance on the podium. >> it is a great opportunity for people to get to see him in an unfiltered way to get to hear his story and his vision for this country. i u think that in large parts he has been defined by the opposition up to this point. it is a chance for him to, for the voters to get to know what kind of candidate he really is. >> reporter: what will he say?
12:37 pm
romney has not said much about the speech other than a share he wants to highlight. >> how america is going to get on track and how we will get this economy going again. >> reporter: but the top strategist gave us an appetizer. >> it is a clear vision of a romney presidency and very much from his heart about america. and why he wants to be president, and what a presidency would be like. >> reporter: with the nation watching this convention and romney's prime time speech are incredibly important opportunities, and opportunities that the romney campaign wants to leverage. paul steinhauser, cnn, tampa, florida. these are the kinds of pi s pictures that the syrian government does not want you to see. a film crew gets inside of the civil war and witnesses a massacre.
12:38 pm
questions. when you're caring for a loved one with alzheimer's, not a day goes by that you don't have them. questions about treatment where to go for extra help, how to live better with the disease. so many questions, where do you start? the answers start here.
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. >> the new president of egypt has nothing good to say about the syrian government, at least what is left of it. egyptian president mohamed morsi is now in iran and that is one of the few nations that still supports syria. he says that the government, bashar al assad is no longer legitimate and he is backing the opposition. the one that wants to throw assad out of opposition, and he is still in a transition, but he is still talking about the violence in syria. >> some of the most serious violence is coming out of
12:42 pm
daraya, a suburb of damascus. there an account just two weeks before the city was overturned by people. and for safety reasons, we are not bringing you the journalist who brings us the report. >> reporter: downtown daraya, the people came together after nightly prayers for celebration. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: i travel to daraya on the outskirts of damascus, because i have heard that after two months of throwing out authorities, they are declaring themselves free syria. i have promised not the reveal my identity for the safety of those who brought me here.
12:43 pm
watching the regime activists spent rebuilding the town. it is a sight i have never seen before in syria. the activists told me that they were eagerly in the next stage of the revolution. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: they even allowed us to film them carrying out exercises in broad daylight. >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: but syrian government forces were on the move.
12:44 pm
and after breaking the fast on the last day of ramadan, we began to hear more shelling fall. the activists told us to leave dayara or risk being trapped. after our departure, they continued to send us these pictures of the onslaught. even as the hospital became overrun with casualties, the syrian government switched off electricity and running water. i listened to the clips they sent us as they narrated the unfolding massacre.
12:45 pm
struggling to keep their voices steady. leaving the few doctors that remain to stumable in the dark. in 72 hours, activists said 100 men, women and children were killed and more than 300 wounded, and that toll continues to rise. at first we were told they tried to bury the dead, but even the funeral processions were not safe from the shelling and the bodies had to be abandoned. after five days of bombardment the town was eventually overrun by the syrian government forces and i lost track with the activists inside. one of the last messages they sent read simply dayara is now cursed. a day goes by that you don't have them. questions about treatment
12:46 pm
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call... and lock in your rate for 12 months today. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? john and cindy mccain say that the republican presidential nominee should talk more about the mormon faith. he sat down with piers morgan as romney is preparing to accept his party's nomination tonight. >> are you in particular looking forward to the issue of faith to be talked by the lir ki and it is one thing that paul ryan said, i'm not a mormon, but we share common principles of morality, and that is a clever
12:49 pm
way to kill mormon as an issue. >> it is about strong american values that we all share. it is about two men and their wives, of course, that could possibly be the top tier of this government being not only strong and what they believe and strong in their faith, but believing in what is best for the country and moving forward and not putting their personal interests first. >> i think also that there is questions about the mormon faith, as you know. and i think that ann talking about it, and i am convinced that mitt will talk about it, and to tell people that his faith is part of his life, and that's what's made him the person he is today, because, you know, the mormon faith has come under significant scrutiny and attack from time to time in history. >> but all of that is down to the fact that he has refused to discuss it which is a strategic error, because if he talked about it more openly, the cult
12:50 pm
element or sigma attached to it may have disappeared, because in tend, it the end, it is one of the many, many religions in america and it is not quite the stigma it has been allowed to go. >> and mormon faith have been requiring people to go on a mission, and he says that his mission is one of the important phases of his life. it is remarkable they send men and women to a foreign country and kind of on their own and their job is to recruit the people for the faith, but it broadens them enormously. >> and tune in for piers' full interview with john and cindy mccain from tampa tonight at midnight. and we will have more on the con trtroversial vote taking pl in texas. go-gurt?
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breaking news, a court in washington has struck down a texas voter i.d. law which requires voters to bring photos with them to the polls and this is significant, and i want to bring in joe johns who is live in tampa, and you have been following the story and what does it mean for the obama campaign and mean for the romney campaign? >> suzanne, this is a very significant holding from a three-judge panel in washington, d.c. and a court that moved with lightning speed. it was just a month or two ago when i was actually sitting in the courtroom while the court heard this case, and they have turned around this decision very quickly. it is essentially a slam dunk in
12:54 pm
favor of the obama administration which went to court to challenge voting rights' law passed in the state of texas, and in fact, a number of states around the country, most with republican controlled legislatures have passed these voter identification laws and of course, texas being the largest of those states, and this is seen as one of the bellwether cases and i want to read some of this to show you how much of a slam dunk it is in favor of the administration. to sum it up, the voters rights act will have an aggressive effect on racial minorities and everything that texas submitted in this case as affirmative evidence is unpersuasive, invalid or both. it says that the uncontested record of the costs of this law in texas would fall most hefley on the poor and that a
12:55 pm
disproportionately high number of african-americans and hispanics live in poverty, and that the bill that was passed in the state and was about to go into effect would likely read to ret retrogregs, and in other words, going backwards with respect to the racial minorities with their exercise to the electoral franchise, and so that is a slam dunk for the administration. they have been fighting it out in state after state, and it is a very big deal, but nonethel s nonetheless, the question remains, suzanne and then i will shut up, but the big question is if the effect of passing the law s in all of the states could actually end up suppressing the minority vote, because people heard so much of that, of course, and that question remains to be answered somewhere down the road, suzanne. >> joe, do we believe it could have an impact in other states where they believe that the laws are discriminatory? >> well, we know it as a bellwether case and you have
12:56 pm
toer forgive me for wiping my face, because it is really hot out here in the garage. >> we do forgive you. >> we do believe it is going to have if you will a presidential effect, and in other words, it will tell other states that have laws in place, they have a real problem with trying to push through these voter i.d. laws as we approach the november election elections. nonetheless, we do know some of the other cases are in the courts, suzanne. >> all right. joe johns, thank you tor bringing us the breaking news and it will have an impact on the election. he says he was on the mission to kill osama bin laden and now he has written a book about it. look, i'm not telling you how to drive our car. our car? if you're gonna have a latte in the car, keep a lid on it. it's a cappuccino. still needs a lid. [ male announcer ] the highest-quality cars plus an exceptional certified pre-owned program. good news for the second owner. take care of my car! [ male announcer ] experience the summer of audi event
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a man who says he twounz mission to kill . a man who says he was under the mission to kill osama bin layden is a former navy s.e.a.l. and now he is giving interviews and has written a book. he has protected his identify, but now the s.e.a.l.s have had time to conceal their identity, and so now he has permission to release his identity about writing the book. >> this book is not political whatsoever. it does


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